EZ-Hauler is a collection cart that features two storage sides for carrying trash and recycling or other items such as supplies or vac. Not only is downtime cut in half, the EZ-Hauler delivers unmatched labor savings when the cart is outfitted to perform the range of light duty cleaning tasks. Innovative dispensers (roll bag, roll towel) and tool holders (lobby pan, lobby broom, maid caddy, duster holder, or use your yellow pocket apron) make access easy and use more likely. The lobby pan holder in particular (holds standard Rubbermaid pan), permits the cleaner to address spot sweeping immediately, often avoiding return for later vacuuming. Other features like the cart's narrow width (less than the barrel) or the Quiet Ride Wheel option, are less disruptive to business activity and movement of personnel - all important considerations for property management buy in.

EZ-Hauler Cleaner's Cart
Features and Benefits:

  • Dual collection
    Haul twice the volume of trash or trash and recycling to lower labor costs.
  • Tilt out bins
    Ergonomic design reduces lifting injuries and resulting comp. time. Reduce need for replacement workers and consequent security issues.
  • Narrow width+
    Easy passage of foot traffic past cart; Reduced interference with personnel, furniture, partitions, doorways etc. Aisle not blocked, for increased safety, if left unattended.
  • Full corner bumpers
    Wrap-around rubber bumpers protect walls and furniture from marring and scuffing.
  • Accessories*
    Improve performance with maid caddy, duster holder, roll bag dispenser, roll towel dispenser, lobby pan holder, flattened box rack.
  • Quiet ride wheels+*
    Minimize interruption of business activity as cart passes.
  • Sleek-Side Panels/Flip top trash lid+*
    Conceal trash behind color-coded swing out doors. Top stops odors.
  • Recycling highlighted+
    View of accumulating recyclables (along with Recycling logo on blue bin) reinforces company commitment and eliminates manager downtime handling complaints of mixing materials.

+Especially valuable for Day Cleaning operations

Patent pending